Monday, May 30, 2011

肥後守式小刀・Flriction Folder

Now that I think back, the last time I held my forging hammer was almost half year ago.
The reason was that if I pull out my forging sets and start the forging, I would need at least half day to one day of work time. And that was quite difficult get these days.
So, I thought fixing some easy gas forge might give some solution.
I should have sufficient material to make this set up, so went to garage and piled up the firebrick and lit the hand gas torch. To test this set up, I have heated up a old metal file… seems to be able to bring to transformation temperature so started to forge.
It is not possible to brig it to forging temperature, so cutout the rough shape with grinder, then shape it with hammer. It is good enough for making small items.
I never have used the spring steel, so to see how it works as a blade material, I hammered a spring wire as well.

This time, I have forged these. From the old file, blade for a friction folder and from spring wire, arrow tip for a blowgun darts.

I have not heat-treated these yet because I need to fit the blade to handle first. After tempering, it will be very difficult to make adjustment and make pivot hole to it.
the most symple constraction among the folder knife, yet takes lots more work than one fixed blade...


  1. Indeed, a fixed blade knife is simpler than a simple folding knife! Getting the holes for the pivot and pin in the right place can be tricky, then the slot, if you make the folder handle in one piece, is the next most difficult thing! It looks like a really nice blade. I am looking forward to the finished knife :-)

  2. Intricate work, making blowgun points!

  3. mmmmm....I am still having problem posting comment with account loged in…. however.

    >> Joel,
    Yes, there are much more variables can go wrong. And since this is first time making folder, I hve so many uncertainty I need to deal with.

    The blowgun point, it actually is not that intricate, at least to get the shape. But I am expecting difficulty on heat-treating, since it is a very tiny and thin blade.


  4. Anonymous31/5/11 08:23

    Nice work! I like the blade shape. Seeing your previous work, I know that folder will come out nice when it's done. :)