Monday, June 6, 2011

肥後守式小刀、そして・・・Friction Folder and…

So I have done the heat treatment to the blade on weekend.

Since I have used the usual old file from same brand for this blade, I was not planning on doing the heat treat test. But since long time I haven’t done this, I decided to do the test on last minute and that was a good call…
Usually I use oil for this steel, but this time, doesn’t matter how I do it, it does not harden. So I gave up on oil, and tried the water quenching… that did the job.

The picture is the right after the tempering. Small blade so made it hard to achieve sharpest possible edge. Hope I did not make it too heard, coz planning on putting scandi edge on it.

Putting the edge. Made it hard but feels nice on sharpening stone. Once this is done, need check the toughness.

And, finally got time to do real forging, so one more blade. It is a long time waited Japanese style Bushcraft knife project – beta 2. I would like to make this with “Warikomi” but did not have good size iron, making it with full steel this time. The steel used is old file from Solingen. And I am looking forward to see the result of this steel.

Doesn’t look much like Japanese style? Well it is full tang and single steel, so cant help it…
However, this material was tough. After forming the blade, my arm was done. So just managed to form rough shape out of tang and will leave it for grinder.

Well, if this does not come out like Japanese style, then that still is OK.


  1. Anonymous6/6/11 19:00

    Looking good so far!


  2. I'm sure it will be fine by the time you're done with it.

  3. I am actually really exited about these 2 blades. Both have same blade shape, just difference in size.
    And as I am progressing, I am getting good feeling about these.