Saturday, July 28, 2012

裏山ブッシュクラフト - #09 フィギュア・フォー (#09 figure Four)


今回挑戦したのはフギュア・フォー(figure four)と呼ばれる落下式の罠です。今まで、作り方の練習はしたことがあったのですが、実際に使ったことはありませんでした。



I got chance to practice trapping against mouse. So decided of trying figure four dead drop trap. I have practiced how to construct few times before, but never had chance of utilizing it on real trapping.

In over all, this was a great chance to understand how difficult to trap something. it is very easy to make trap, but to get something is a totally different skill.
need to find the existence of animal, find the best trapping spot, set it up correctly,  and yet, that might not be enough to catch some.

so, how did I do on the end?? Will see it in the video...


  1. This shows why trappers always have to set so many traps in the wild. The greater the number of traps, the greater the chances of catching something! :)

    Thanks for showing how you did this!

    1. True and that I have learned well on this try. even the situation like this in the video, one trap is as good as none.