Monday, September 10, 2012

BCFin Meet up - Wild edible

It is already week has past since I was at the BCfin Meet up of wild edible class. The meet up took place on same location as the spring meet up and was 2 days event but I was able to attend only a day.

However, 5 of Bushcraft Finland's active members have managed to participate and we all had great learning session.

Since I was not staying over night, I have packed light... thaw I think I still have over packed...

I have reached the meeting place about 9:00 Saturday.. 3 of the members have stayed over night since Friday evening. There was one member still on the way so we have had time for morning coffee.

after coffee, the last member arrived, so we all head out for wild edible hunt. the first stop is by the pond, the cat-tail is our play. 

after the pond, we walked around leaning and picking the sample of wild edibles.

on the way back to camp, we have found real good cluster of ingon berries. it was so good,  manged to fill up my dump pouch with hand picking in 10 min.

back to camp. we have had small visitor.... no... we did not ate hem:)

lunch- dinner time. some samples has been cooked and tasted. the cat tail was quite nice.

this is a type of fungi to become a porridge in the morning,

since this was a leaning session, we relied on "Real" food. My choice of the day was a bullet meal . Unlike all other emergency ration, this tasted like "REAL FOOD". and did fill up my stomach :)

Look at this pot filled fire pit. old school, vintage, modern, DIY cookers but all are well used. the color and small of count less fire pits are soaked in to those pots.

I am not going through all the edibles in here because there are so much of them we have sampled through. For me, it is so much information and need to learn them still, but I do remember what all I have sampled.

it was variable day that to get to know the wild edibles, but most importantly, I have felt in first hand, "There is no such thing as nothing to eat. If you know what to look". The nature really does provide...


  1. Looks like a great learning experience, and fun as well! Once you start looking, you find that there really is food available to eat, even in the winter and up here in the north, where there is less biodiversity than other climates.

    Thanks for taking us along!

  2. it really was a great experience. now I have some base to get started with more wild edibles. it is always easier to learn by hands on experience than from book.