Sunday, May 18, 2014

IWG week 34 - 40

There have been many uploads on my YouTube channel, but have not updated this blog for quite long time, so here are what has been happening on me and IWG.

Week 34 was a preparation week for the biggest trip of 2 weeks solo ski trip call Bear ski.
as part of the preparation, we need to experience and learn how to self rescue from the situation like dropping in o ice water.

it was a good practice and not only about rescuing activity but learnt other skills related to dealing with ice.

Week 35, 56 was the Bear ski trip. We have visited Hammastuntri wilderness area in northern Finnish Lapland. we are very lucky at that time that the snow condition was amazingly perfect for skiing. The teachers were expressing that after all these years, they never have had such a good condition... as "NOT EDUCATIONAL!!" :)
but there was still some challenge and was mostly with myself. gaining confidence but sometime learning to be humble to the nature.

Back from the bear ski trip, time fly faster than ever. graduation is getting closer and need many graduation works completed. also starting to prepare ourselves to guide exam of wilderness skills and nature knowledge. Lots of times are spend on bird watching and desk studies...
but we also had a one night survival experience day.
dropped off on middle of school forest, pick a spot, build a emergency shelter and spent overnight.
All we needed to accomplish this was whatever we were wearing and a knife.
Yes, have learnt survival skills and mind set, but what I have learnt most from this was
"One really does not need much to spent a night in the forest"

The next trip is the paddling trip at Jämsänkoski and I will be leaving 19th Monday. after that, comes the wilderness and nature guiding/skill exam then other trip...

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