Monday, August 22, 2011

フィスカルス - Fiskars 2

There is a Fiskars’ history and products exhibition at Fiskars shop.

It is very impressible display of Fiskars knives here, but the most interesting display was miniature model of blast furnace and smith shop.

the size of the blast furnace is impressive, but what impressed me most was the gimmicks of powering the bellows and power hammer. It is powered by water mills and was very interesting to see how the power was transferred to hammers and bellows.
After the visit to Fiskars, back to camp. Spend some relaxing evening. But since, night before, we have had quite bad raining at nighttime. And the tent we have did not hold the rain well. it started leak a bit. So, need to reinforce with the canvas poncho tarp on top of tent.  As expected, we have had downpour again this night, but the tarp held the rain very well. Actually, it held the rain much better than modern tent fabric. 

The last day, we stopped by at Billnäs on the way back home. We weren’t expencting much from this place since it is not sight-seeing:nized .

But, it is more like ruin. Really not much to see. Just few shops and restaurants.

It was disappointing at Billnäs, but the trip was really enjoyable. Other than the blades and metal and blacksmith things, there are many different handcraft shops and workshops around this area. I did not write about it but handcrafted wooden furniture and its workshops are also very interesting attraction. I hear that Fiskars Christmas markets are also nice to visit, perhaps will visit that this winter.

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