Thursday, September 8, 2011

Monday,Forest,Good Feeling! - 月曜、森、リフレッシュ!

On Monday after the work, the weather was really good, so went for walk in forest.


  1. Anonymous12/9/11 10:41

    Nice video! I have noticed very many mushrooms all over this year. It must be wetter than normal. I have to take a look at my Finnish mushroom book and start gathering!

    I know exactly what you mean about those deer keds. They are really, really terrible. Last year I saw them from mid-August to some time in December! I hope there will be fewer this year.


  2. WOW, deer keds mid-August to some time in December... that is a long time...

    I have been looking for a good mushroom book. there are many good ones, but the one has enough informatin to identify are too big to carry. and the small ones,,, des not have enough information...

  3. Anonymous12/9/11 18:03

    The one we have is called "Sienestäjän taskukirja" by Mauri Korhonen. It probably falls in the category of "small one that does not have enough information", but I will take a closer look soon and see for sure.