Monday, February 20, 2012

100人登録記念プレゼント- 100 sub giveaway

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ブログ「物欲ノ奴隷」の百様。Bush n’ Bladeを何度も紹介してくださり、ありがとうございます!ハンズ・オンなナイフレビュー、これからも楽しみにしてます。




セット1 (一名様へ) 鍛造プーッコ 1本
 ワスティキヴィ・ポケット砥石 1個

セット2(一名様へ) ポケットアルコールストーブ 1個
 火打ち金 1個

- YouTubeに登録済みでYouTubeアカウントを通してこちらから連絡のできる方
- このプレゼント企画のビデオに対してYouTube上へ「プレゼントほし~」などの簡単な参加意思表明をコメントする。ビデオレスポンスでもOK!

締め切り> フィンランド時間の2012年3月3日0時まで。


As I have mentioned on my previous blog entry, I am going to do special event.
And the event is “100 sub giveaway”!

But first, I would like to send special thanks to :
Mr. Gorges Smythe from the blog “Gorges' Grouse”.  For mentioning my blog on his blog and regularly commenting on my post.

Mr. bmatt from “The Weekend Woodsman”. For mentioning my blog on his blog and regularly commenting on my post.

Mr. Finnman from ”Scandic Woodsman”. For putting link to my blog.
I also would like to say thank you to all of you who have been comment and supporting my blog and Youtube channel.

And here are the information about this giveaway and how to participate!
Giveaway Items:

Set 1 (for 1 winner)Self-forged puukko x1
Pocket sharpening stone x1

Set 2 (for 1 winner)Self-build Spirit stove x1
Flint striker x1

How to enter:
- You need to have a YouTube account, which I can contact you through it.
- Check your local law and make sure that you can legally receive these items.
- Make comment to this “100 sub giveaway” video on YouTube, stating that you wish to enter this competition. (just by “I am in” is enough. By VR also accepted.)

Ending day:
2012, March 3rd midnight Finnish time.

The Winner will be decided by drawing. The drawing process and announcing of the winners  will be done on video post on YouTube.
Hope many of you will join this competition and wish you good luck.


  1. Those are some very generous prizes. The winners will be very happy!

  2. Hi, what about you or your friend perticipating?

    by the way, somehow your handling name starts toshow as "weekendwoodsman" on this comment. It is nice, just wondering what has changed..

  3. Anonymous22/2/12 08:12

    Well, I will recommend it to people to participate in your giveaway. :) Although I would love to win the prizes, I would rather see them go to someone who doesn't have a lot of stuff or who is starting out in the hobby etc. I would feel like I'd be "taking it away" from someone. Plus, I don't have a YouTube account. But thanks for offering!

    I started to use my OpenID name for commenting instead of commenting anonymously, so my comments now show up as written by "weekendwoodsman". :)

    Of course, it has to happen that for some reason I can't comment with my OpenID right now, and I can only comment as anonymous...???

  4. OK. well, the giveaway is still open for week and half.

    lately the id thing even with google ID, is working or not working situation. I wonder if ever gonna get fixed...

  5. That's very generous OZme!

    I have no idea how to comment on youtube, although I have an account.

  6. Damn, too bad I missed this!