Friday, March 30, 2012

タガネに挑戦中– Challenging the Metalworking Chisels

ネックナイフは木型作りが一段落し、後はほどに火を入れる時間を見つけるだけ。しかし、まだ一つだけ解決していないことが・・・ 銘と刻印・・・

The mockup making is now set and I have the knife designs for the neck knife project. But there is one thing really troubling me….  The Maker’s mark and its stamp.
It is something I never made before. Well I wanted one, but since I was making my knives only for my needs, I was lazy making one. But this time, that is not the case. It goes to someone and he wants it with the mark. So I sat front of my PC and started to design my Maker’s mark.
But soon I realized that all the designs I came up and like to use are unrealistic. It is too complicated to be a metal stamp. If I am etching, then the mark is fine. But then if I am making the forged finish blade, then I cannot use etching….


However, I will need the Metalworking Chisels for this stamp making, so have made set of basic ones. And have tried some name and figure curving on soft iron and steel.
Well.. It was a foolish attempt to write my name as a first try. I ended up with something that even does not look like letter…
Tried on something simpler…  a dragonfly figure.
After few tries, it starts to look something……


I think I need to change the chisel angle to much greater.  At this moment, the one I made is too shallow, so it bits in too deep and difficult to make clear line.
Well, I got time to practice, since I cannot come up with the good Maker’s mark…

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