Friday, March 23, 2012

Neck Knives - ネックナイフ

It seems my mind is filled with neck knife project. Yesterday evening while I was watching TV on couch, those 4 mock ups were in my hand. I was checking the feeling of the shapes. Holding it in different carving and whittling grip techniques, try to imagine of using it on small game and fish preparation and skinning…
The plan No.1 really amazed me on this test. For some carving and whittling grip techniques, I felt little uncomfortableness due to recurvate of the handle butt. But nothing serious, I just need to adjust the holding a little to compensate.  I imagine that, if this was a full size, it should have no problem. Anyway, this type of issue is a characteristic of 3 finger handle.


One viewer of this blog has commented me of some idea. “What about Tosu knife”. Tosu knife is a kind of small utility knife or pen knife used in Japan and has very long history. Long- long time ago, it was functioned as utility knife but also as a part of dressing accessary among the high-class society.
In Later Samurai time, similar knife was popular to accompany Samurai sword, known as Kozuka-Kogatana (decorative small utility knife). 
On some point, I got very interested in making this type of blade and gave a try. Made it in desk top utility knife style. And now I look it again, I can see so many un-satisfactions on this knife….
However, The idea of Tosu knife as a neck knife would be interesting to try. Just … based on my previouse Kozuka-Kogatana making, to make this type of knife and make it look decent is a very difficult job. Not to mention that to make it usable one requires the skills, which I do not possess…. yet.



Kozuka-Kogatana knife I made some time ago…

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