Monday, August 6, 2012

裏山ブッシュクラフト-#10スプルースティー&ビルベリー(#10 SpruceTea&Bilberry)





First, Thank you very much for all greetings massages. The mother and babies are well but still need to say in hospital for few more days. So the real parenting at home is not started yet. but I am very much looking forward to it.

However, here is the #10 of Urayama upload. this time is about bilberry picking and spruce needle tea. Spruce needle is good for tea but also good for eating. so, if you make tea, you also get ready to eat food.

the spruce and pine needle does have some sugar and vitamin nutrition value. Also, these are available through out the year.

Hope you enjoy the video!

(Note:picking and eating wild edible could be dangerous. be sure about what you are doing and do it with your own responsibility. I can not take any responsibilities and blame over your action. ) 


  1. Good wild edible info. :) As you know, I have eaten the spruce shoot stems raw, but I am curious to try them after boiling. Have to try to remember next time. :)

  2. Thanks to you for the removing needle tip! Boiling made much better taste in my opinion, and as I have mentioned in video, I see other type of cooking potential.