Friday, August 31, 2012

Hukari modified

Last Christmas, I have got this brutally made carriage horse type of beast blade call “Taiter Hukari” from my wife.

If you like this knife, go check out the shop "Varusteleka"
Since then I have been using time to time and modifying it little by little so that works better for my needs.

The first thing I have done to this knife was to clean up and change the shape of handle. The overall of the handle shape is not bad at all, but since it is simple molded handle, I needed to clean up. Also was to smooth surface finish of rubber like material, did not feel right on my hand.
I have sanded the handle all-over to rough up the surface for better gripping and feeling.  Also have grinded down the side of hilt so I can choke grip better.

Once the handle is good enough, next place to change was the cutting edge. The original edge was not that sharp for my standard. And was simple tiny secondary V edge, which I do not prefer for this type of blade.
Regrind and sharpen the secondary V edge to secondary convex edge. While I was at it, I have thought of getting lead of those dirty machine markings… but soon realized that those are too deep. If I have done that job, there will not be much of blade left :)
Anyway, Now I think of it, this machine markings are the symbol of “Taiter Hukari”. Without it, will be boring blade…

Next modification was also to the blade, but to the spine. This blade has nicely rounded spine, which is nice and I like it, but not good if I need to strike a ferorod.
So I have grinded down tiny part of spine, close to the handle, to make angle edge. Now, I can use this part to make spark, no need to damage the cutting edge.

The modification on knife itself is quite enough at this point, so next up is the sheath. In a way this is the biggest problematic part of this Hukari knife. It is a working sheath and the looks does match the knife :) but there is no usable carrying method. There is a kind of belt loop on back of sheath but totally useless so have added some dangling loop with easy release system.

So here it is, the modifications completed, and Oh, have added the LMF army as well.

To be honest, I was originally planning on complete remaking of handle and sheath for this knife. But as I added the small changes, it started to become more and more “Personal”, realizing that this is actually Good this way.

Perhaps will do make some big change in some future, but for now, this is where I am stopping.
Let’s see, how this will perform this weekend at BcFin meet up!


  1. Nice modifications! I think they will improve the usability of the knife considerably. I think the hukari is kind of like an ugly modern-day leuku. ;)

    1. Ugly.., yes it is but somehow in nice way. In fortunately I have not had chance to use this around camp yet. Will see how it performs around fire pit.

  2. I didn't mean that it's an "ugly tool", just that it would be an "ugly leuku". ;) I like the basic and rugged appearance and construction of it. I'm sure it'll last forever. :)

    1. ah,, ok, Ugly leuku:) I was with this hukari yesterday and was quite a tool. I still prefer having axe over hukari, but if I am not taking an axe wih me, the this hukari + saw would be my choice from now on. for fun I have tried making spoon only with hukari and have managed to make one usable soon. I relly liked the how it performed, it is like having multitool of axe with knife.:)

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  4. 多分フィンランドのショップVarustelekaでしか扱ってないのでそこから通販になります。

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  6. Hukari is a great tool. I have had one for about 7 years and have used it a lot in woods and for general around house chores aswell. I thought it would be even more multipurpose tool if they make model with long handle like Fiskars bilhooks have. The sheath is not that great for belt carry but does it´s job very well in backpack where I normally carry it. I convexed my Hukari also quite same way long ago and I think it gain a lot more performance after that small mod.

    Probably best value for money you can buy such a big blade from shop.

    - Finnman

    1. I was also thinking of longer handle would make this much more useful / powerful blade. I would like to enjoy little more the original, but some time, I might attempt on changing the handle.