Sunday, March 3, 2013

裏山ブッシュクラフト-#18- 冬服 (Winter clothing)






This time, I am talking about cold weather clothing. According to my experience, with different combinations of this set,  I could be comfortable in the temperature between 0 to -25 degrees centigrade.

Little bit of additional information about the wool sweater. the one I like using is a Norwegian sweater, which uses thick yarn and rough weaving. this thick yarn and rough weaving will trap the warm air when used as a middle layer. Also because it is not tight, it releases the air when outer layer of clothing is removed, so this combination of layering makes easier to control the heat trapped in the clothing.

I have listed The items mentioned in the video for your reference.

Hope you enjoy the video!

List of items:
Image link from SASTA page.

SASTA Pahta paita 

Image link from VARSTELEKA

Czech cadet parka with liner 

Image link from VARSTELEKA 

Austrian winter trousers

Image link from VARSTELEKA page

BW Gore-Tex -gaiters

Image link from scandinavian outdoor store page

SOREL Caribou

Scandinavian SCORE Design of Norway (link N/A)

knitted stitch 編み目

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