Friday, March 15, 2013

晩秋の薪割り - Just splitting log



作業をしたのは私と義父。私が使ってる斧はKellokoski N:o12.3、約1.5kgの斧。大きな節が入った丸太も楔無しで割ってくれました。

Found this video while reorganizing files on my phone. It is just log split video without comments but I found it somehow relaxing, so uploading it.

Situation: in the late autumn, rain is falling time to time. Good sized birch was fell and hacked for fire wood. So me and my father-in-law picked up axes on hand, splitting logs in half for drying.

the axe I was using is a Kellokoski N:o12.3, 1.5kg head. It worked wonderfully even against large knotted log.

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