Sunday, September 1, 2013

IWG week 2 - Forest Week

Week 1 at IWG was quite rush. getting familiar with school and surroundings, study and planning for the Forest week, which was on week 2.
One thing I promised to shear in here was the book for studying Floras and Faunas.
I have picked up 3 books from school library.


Wild Flowers (ISBN 0-7513-1024-7) Good clear detailed photos. not only Finnish flora, but contains all I need to study.

Trees of Britain & Northern Europe (ISBN 0-00-219213-6) Good illustration and has good mount of information you need to ID trees.

Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain & Europe (ISBN 0-00-219994-7) This book covers all I want to ID. Color Photo is used and have good information, but detail of mushroom is not seen well on some, and quite many have common names are missing. Book is easy to use and small enough to carry in pocket or bag.


一週目のまとめビデオ(Video is only in JPN. I am talking about the summery of week 1 and pack contents for week 2 )

Then The week 2 was spent in forest. learning basic camp skill with open shelter, fire making, use of cutting tools. The school teaches traditional skill, so the policy is "NO Tent!". well, that is the reason I am happy attending this school :)
The major part of week was spent learning how to navigate on off the trail with map and compass. It was really lots to learn there and had good practice to better my navigation skill.
Have posted some videos from the camp. The first one is only in JPN but hope you enjoy! (second part has ENG sub!)


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