Monday, September 9, 2013

IWG week 3 & 4 - Cooking Week

The week 3 was little slow week. I say slow, but still there was lots of study works needed to be done.

Starting with flora and fauna study then we have had meadow clearing work then game bird counting on the end of week 3. the works was done using traditional tools like sickle and bill hooks. and the works was done to protect rear species of flora in he area.



It was my first time using tool like this and was very difficult tool to use. on the end of the day, my back was screaming...

The game counting was part of our navigation practice. need to navigate through forest as straight line as possible and hope to see some game birds takes off, so we can count the population. I took the first lead on first 2 km to navigate and happy to say, I managed to go very straight. When got to the first target spot, we are dead on. 


Week 4 was a super busy week. basically we all cook as much different food as possible and eat them all!:) but of cause, it was guided by teacher and we have had wonder full guest instructor for this week. His name is Turkka Aaltonen. He is the most respected survival and wild food instructor in Finland There cant be any better instructor for this week's topic.

he is like wilderness encyclopedia and I had hard time keeping up to pick up all the knowledge he had to share with us. It was a most intense learning week and I lucky to spend as much time as I could to talk, ask, share of our knowledge.
We will have one more week with him in later time, and I am very much looking forward to it.


Week 4 started with how to process sheep.

Skinning. Everyone tries at least once.
Parting the sections. I managed to cut through ribs.

Surprisingly, not much blood.

Build a smoke tipi, using parachute.
Pork slices, hanged to smoke.

one of many ways learned to cook fish.
you probably have seen this style.

Learning to use Dutch oven.
Week 5, I will have some GPS lesson, FA1 causes, and the first test of Navigation. the test is part of becoming Guide, so wish me luck!

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