Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flora and Fauna 5/day - Day 12

LA: Pleurozium schreberi
EN: Red-stemmed feather moss
FI: seinäsammal
Location: Kuru
Surrounding: Spruce forest. Moist ground.
Note: often mistaken with sphagnum because it grows in same type of condition and often next to each other. But the stem of this moss is distinctive red color and stiff.

LA: Dicranum
EN: Fork moss (family)
FI: kynsisammalet (sukuna)
JP: カモジゴケ類
Location: Kuru
Surrounding: Needle leave forest. Moist ground.
Note: The stem looks similar to Red-stemmed feather moss, but the leaves are very different. the tip resembles fork or blown by wind. other English common name is “Wind-Blown Mosses”.

LA: Ptilium crista-castrensis
EN: Ostrich-plume feather moss
FI: Sulkasammal
Location: Kuru
Surrounding: mixed forest. Moist ground.
Note: Easy to ID, and remember the name as EN name has describing the characteristic of the moss well.

LA: Hylocomium splendens
EN: Glittering feather moss
FI: Kerrossammal
JP: イワダレゴケ
Location: Kuru
Surrounding: Shadowy and moist ground.
Note: The leaves are opening horizontally wide and forming layers.
Has antibacterial property and used for storing vegetables.  


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