Monday, February 21, 2011

バックパック・ロケットストーブ(Back pack rocket stove) ---> 没!Fail!


Last night, I have run the boil test with 1L of water under –13 Celsius air temperature.
The result of the time to boiling point was over 25 min. duaring the test, I have left the stove unattended for few min, and all the wood stuffed was burned to coal.
This means that it burns well, but it consumes woods fast. Since the refill opening on side is quite small, unable to stack enough of wood in. have tried to put little ticker wood stick, but then before the tip of wood burns out, it start to burn the part which is out of stove. This is bad; coz cannot push in the wood and looses lots of heat and fuel.

2nd issue is that because of its construction, there are too many parts that would go wrong. This is not good for outdoor use.

Other thing bothered me was mount of grime left on cup. After the test, there was very thick layer of brim stack on bottom of the cup. I never had that thick grim on cup with wood gas stove or even on open fire. I do not mind getting grim but that was just too much.

Well, it is not complete fail, coz it does barn well and boil water. But the issues are too great to ignore compared to the benefit of having this stove. Also, this is not really a ”Rocket Stove”. It burns good, just because of chimney effect.

I think, it is impossible to make usable rocket stove with this size. The Rocket Stove requires appropriate mass of insulation. To make that happen on this size, leave no space for combustion chamber.


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