Monday, February 28, 2011

Wood gas stove Ver.2 and Snowshoes ver.1-ウッドガス2号&カンジキ1号

So, finally on-going projects are coming to shape.
The first one is the Wood gas stove Ver.2.


here is when packed. The wind shield is not yet made.

Unpacking. The top part is stored between outer and inner layer.

Put together. Lets see, how this works. Planning on test burn tonight.

Then the Snowshoes ver.1. I have had problem, bending wood I had and finally run out of all good length material. So this project was on hold for very long time.  But then realized I have this nylon tube lying in garage.

Just quickly put together to see if holds… seems to be OK, so will be putting the strings to fill up and tie up the spaces.

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