Tuesday, March 22, 2011

マキリ・プーッコ改と斧のレストレーション - MakiriPuukko mod & Axe restoration

There was something I did not quite like about the puukko I made, so have made bit of modification.



Can you see the difference? Use to be like drop point, but changed to clip point;ish. The Puronvarsi Puukko was like this and works really well, so took the idea. Now, it looks more like puukko!
So, I also started to make helve for my old axe head, using this knife.
First, take birch log, cut it in appropriate length, then rough-cut the shape with axe.

Once the rough-cut is done, start to make the part, which goes in to eye. As soon as start working on this part with new modified puukko, I could feel the difference. It is much-much better now. “carving & whittling” This what puukko is good at and so the shape of puukko has been developed to be good at this. “The shape of things” you should respect!!

Whittle bit – fit the head - whittle bit more… feel like endless repetition of this process and finally fitted this far. Still need to be little deeper, but that, will be continued tomorrow…

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