Friday, March 18, 2011

冬季キャンプ - Winter camping.




I went to winter camping for the first time. And spend night in my new tent under –10 degrees centigrade.
From the beginning, we (I was with my friend) have encountered trouble, one after another, and wasn’t sure if we ever going to make it, but we did.

The winter camping is totally different world. Everything is new and the nature is beautiful in different way.

Have filmed enough so edited to 3 parts movie, and uploaded to my YouTube channel.
Hope you enjoy!



<<< NOTE >>
I did not mention in the movie, but it is really bad idea to set up tent on frozen lake. I know the risk. But we did it, because of the tiredness won the battle and because other camper had their tent on lake gave us the false sense of security. Please DO NOT set up tent on lake!

The reason not to set tent on frozen lake:
>It is ice and you never know when it cracks. The ice on lake is constantly moving and cracking. Especially cold night!
>The ice could be thinner than you think it is! Especially when close to spring time.
>It is the cold well. Lake means it is lowest point in that area. this means the cold air and moist gathers right on that spot. So it will be coldest spot of the area.
>It is a open field, so the wind blow stronger.

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  1. Thanks your sharing. As watching video, I feeled refreshed much. :)