Tuesday, October 25, 2011

カヌーパドルの自作 – DYI canoe paddle

I was planing on finishing the paddle shaping and sanding yesterday, but the end of the day, I caould not reach there.
I needed to thin and hollow bevel the blade, but realized that I do not hve the adquite tool for it. so made hollowing plane.

Making this plane took quite lots of time, but it worked very well.

hollowing only closer to the shaft, then smoothly changing to flat face towords the tip of the blade. Flattning is easy, using normal flat plane.

これでパドルフェイスの整形は終わり。後は、ティップの整形とグリップの調整をした後サンドペーパがけ、そしてオイル塗り。 サンドペパーがけ、、、一番嫌いな行程です・・・
Now the blade face profining is done. Still need to round the blade tip, then grip shaping and shading before oiling. I do not like shanding process....


  1. I'm both amused and impressed that you simply make the tool you need. I used to have a neighbor like that. He was one of my favorite people.

  2. When I face the situation I do not have the tools or something needed, before thinking of buying it, I start to think of use something else instead or possibility of making one. It is something my father taught me since I was chilled. He kept telling me “Your head is not just for wearing your hat!”. However, I think I just simply enjoy finding solutions.