Monday, October 10, 2011

フィンランドの茸狩り – Forest mushrooms from Finland

It seems, my wife is winning the forest mushroom picking this year that picking good mount of them. So we have been enjoying the full of mushroom menus on table. And many for drying for later use.

But, I also want to enjoy the picking part!! so went to pick some at near by forest.

About 1h of picking and this result. It is about 1kg or perhaps more??  The froshiki bag could not hold any more. I have picked few different Boletaceae and woolly milkcap. These are very common here in finland and easy to recongnize.

JPN: カラハツ茸(ベニタケ科 チチタケ属)
ENG: Woolly milkcap (Lactarius torminosus)
FIN: Karvarousku

JPN: ヤマドリタケ(ハラタケ目 イグチ科 ヤマドリタケ属)
ENG: penny bun  (Boletus edulis)
FIN: Herkkutatti

JPN: アミタケ(イグチ目 ヌメリイグチ科)
ENG: Jersey cow mushroom (Suillus bovinus)
FIN: Nummitatti

and 2 of I am not exactly sure the correct name… But I know it is good one to eat.

Woolly milkcap, this has mildly poisness. You must boil over 10min in boiling water then lince it befor eating.
By the way, finish people eat quite many toxic mushrooms after proper de-tox process..


  1. You're a braver soul than I!

  2. the Woolly milkcap is still quite safe one. you should check this one. it is delicacy but deadly... >>

  3. Great info, thanks! I'm not much of a mushroom eater, but it's good to know what's edible and what's not.