Monday, October 24, 2011

I have got it!!! – 手に入れちゃいました!

Some of you might remember that sometime ago, I have posted that ”I want my own canoe!”. Well, because of that post, one of my friend contacted me offering a old and restored 15ft canoe made by Finish Lohi company. 
So I said YES, and the canoe is now sitting on my yard!
覚えてる方もいるでしょうか?少し前の記事で『カヌーが欲しい!!!!』と書いた所、ブッシュクラフト仲間から『良かったら譲るよ!』と連絡が入りました・・・ もちろん答えはYES!

I would like to take it out for quick test ride before the water freeze up, but I haven’t got the paddle for it yet. So, decided to make one, out of whatever the wood I have in storage.

Checked the style and dimensions of the paddle from internet and decided to make otter tail paddle.

Laminate 3 planks of 9.5x3cm together.

Cut out the shape then thin the blade.

Make handle shape then round the edge. And this is how it looks now.

I still need to thin the blade more and refine the overall shape. Hope I can finish this soon, coz need to make one more of this as soon as possible…


  1. Congratulations on getting a canoe. The paddles will give you something to be proud of.

  2. Good-looking canoe! Hope it serves you well. I had to let it go because I realized I'm more in the market for something smaller/lighter at the moment.

    Did Mikko not give you a paddle? He said one paddle would be included...

    Anyway, hope you enjoy the boat!


  3. >>Gorges Smythe
    I am enjoying making this paddle. Just bit worried about the sturdiness of the paddle when completed, because I am using the unknown soft wood.

    yes one paddle should be with it, but when I picked the canoe, he did not have it with the canoe. Then I got busy, and you know he is as well… so haven’t got it yet. Anyway, I would need 2 paddles for this canoe and I like making things :)

    >>“hope you enjoy the boat!”
    This canoe is actually very close to be a boat, because it is heavy and there is no rocker at all. But I am sure will be totally good and serve me well to carrying 3 dogs and wife in. :)

  4. Congratulations! Lovely canoe and nice paddle!... I want to see your first voyage. :)

  5. Thank you Manta! Let’s see if I can manage to finish 2 paddles before the lake freezes.

  6. Wow! good looking canoe and paddle also! Waiting to see it on it´s first trip. Congratulations!

    - Finnman

  7. Thank you Finnman! I was hoping to finish and take the canoe out last weekend, but did not manage...