Monday, April 16, 2012

Flea market fun weekend - 蚤の市アサリ

I was going around the flea markets last weekend. It is kind of shopping both me and my wife enjoy and I needed to discover new knife material supply source. 
I use old files as knife making material and have been getting it from one flea market located near my house. But recently, the owner of that shop has changed, so the types of sellers who uses the shop.
Went around several flea markets in the town, but no luck of finding new good supply. But found something on that way…

 Finnish army surplus, gas mask bag and good old Finnish Kellokoski Axe model 123. Both are in good condition. The bag, I will be using it for short hike, most likely will modify to my needs. The axe is a 1.8kg head, good for splitting. I have other one of Kellokoski axe the model is 124, bit bigger one and it does the splitting job real well. Well, I do not have need for this axe to be honest, but it was only 5e and was in good condition. Also these are not made anymore.

And on Sunday, Tampere had an annual flea market event call “Perakonttikirppis”. Entire center square was filled with sellers and buyers so I was there fishing for new toys.

And these are what I got this time.

Cow horns for knife making and hot metal cutter for my forge work. Cow horns… I should have gotten it much more coz my dogs seems to be very interested in…:)
And  YES,, Again Axe!!  This time is a Billnäs Axe model 300. In very good condition + I am guessing that the helve is an original…?? The price was 25e. I tried hard but the seller did not drop the price by keep repeating “THIS IS OLD FINNISH AXE! VERY OLD! VERY VERY OLD!!!!” I never paid more than 15e for any of my axes I own… so this new GOOD OLD Billnäs became my most expensive axe. Well,, it is OK.. I let it go last time the similar axe because I did not agree with the price and I regretted for a year.  I am cleaning this up now so I can use it next time I have chance.
そしてまた斧です。これはBillnäsのモデル300、斧頭800gの小型の物。前の持ち主が大事に使っていたらしくとても良好な状態。柄ももしかしたらオリジナルかも・・・ ただ、値段が25ユーロ。今まで買った斧で一番高いのが15ユーロ、相場が10ユーロ前後のものだからかなり迷った。がんばって値切ろうとした物の“THIS IS OLD FINNISH AXE! VERY OLD! VERY VERY OLD!!!!” の一点張りで一歩も引かない売り手。前回同じタイプの斧をこれと同じ状況で買わずに、非常に後悔していたので、今回は諦めて買っちゃいました。これは早速手入れ開始、次のキャンプで使います。


  1. Congratulations on your finds!

  2. Anonymous17/4/12 08:47

    Nice finds! I check the flea markets around here from time to time, and sometimes I get lucky. I imagine there would be a lot more variety and quantity in a place with a larger population, so you are lucky. :)


    1. "flea markets"... that was the word I was looking and did not find..
      I guess there is more variety in city, but often interesting items, like old tools and so on… are found from little more countryside shops. The best one I have been so far was in town of Billnäs. If you visit there sometime, should check out. It is located right front of Billnäs factory:)