Thursday, April 12, 2012

ネックナイフ、熱処理待ち- Neck Knife ready for HT

2 neck knives, ready for heat treatments. I have finish shaping the blade, normalizing the blank to release the internal stress, punch mark the maker’s mark,,, all done.

Oh, yes, yes, I finally decided the marking.


 It is a Kachi-Mushi = the winner’s bug
The reason I choose this was simply I like a Dragonfly… but also there are several reasons>
Dragonfly indicates the climate, environment changes > Bushcraft like bug!
Dragonfly = Kachi Mushi was popular among SAMURAI as a lucky bug > lucky bug symbol is a good mark!
This design was popular on Katana decoration > I make Japanese taste knives, so that suite.
It is simple enough so I can DIY the stamp > This is important… lol

And this is how it looks on the blade…..

Doesn’t look like anything?????? DO not say it! I have practiced so many times on junk steel beforehand. And I was able to make it much better 10 out of 10….
I guess I chickened out on real go…. Well,,, it still look, perhaps, with kind eyes, maybe look like something, so I let it go THIS TIME.
I will keep practicing and play around till next time. if It seems not suitable for me, then will change it to Chisel work.

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  1. Anonymous13/4/12 09:29

    I personally think it looks good! Nice to see these knives progressing. :)