Friday, June 8, 2012

裏山ブッシュクラフト - #06 ツリガネ茸 (#06 Tinder Fungus)


前回は、メタルマッチで着火することが出来る天然の火口(ティンダー)をいくつか紹介しました。メタルマッチはとても高熱の火花を飛ばしますので、脱脂綿などを持参しなくても火口は簡単に見つけることが出来ます。 しかし、昔ながらの火打石を使うとなると話は変わります。火打石で飛ばす火花は温度も低く、微量の火花しか飛びません。これで着火することの出来る火口は非常に限られ、特に自然界で入手しようとする場合、知らなければまず入手不可です。そこで今回は火打石に使える天然の火口の採集と加工方法を紹介です。


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Last time was to find tinder for Firesteel. The Firesteel makes very high heat sparks, so it is quite easy to find somthing which could be used as a tinder. But with traditinal Flint & Steel, it makes very weak sparks, so you will need somthing special.
Amadou made from tinder fungus is the most common natural tinder. Takes bit of effort to process it, but for sure important skill if you wish to carry the Flint & Steel.

Because of all the process and information I wanted to include, I have split the video in 2 parts. This is part 1 of 2.


  1. Good stuff. I am experimenting with this now as well, so I can use it with my flint steel from Ilkka. It will be great to know how to get flint-steel tinder from the forest instead of using char cloth, for example. Then all you need is the steel, because quartz can be found naturally in Finland, and it strikes sparks well.

    1. That would be a goal. I must say, this time I used soda instead of ash. So I need to still practice and learn the natural way.