Friday, June 15, 2012

Needle case

I was planing on making "My backpacks" post and was started typing it. but then I got bit stack on direction.... so that post will come, but I need little more time...

However, I have other topic would like to shear.
As one of the BcFin skill test - Handcrafters patch, there is a task to make "Needle case from natural material". this is something I wanted to make for sometime and the material I need for this was finally ready to be used, so I gave a shot.

The material used was the deer bone I got from BcFin spring meetup, nettle fiber harvested from my yard, pine resin corrected from forest, leather and beeswax bought from shop.

first i cut off the needed length out of bone, then shaped to desired shape using only knife. it is not difficult to shape bone with knife, but surely was hard on my knife. I needed complete resharpening after this task.... but good finding was that the blade did not take any chippings.

here are the all components lined up. Nettle fiber are boiled in ash water solution and 4 strains twisted.
leather is cut to size, i decided to use folded sheet to get more friction when the needles are in place.

when the nettle cordage gets dry, it shrinks and twist gets loose. also this will be hanged from belt, I need to make this cordage somehow even stronger. so, made some protecting agent.
it is a mixture of pine resin and beeswax.melt them together, then strain it using cotton cloth.

Once the mix is cooled, apply it on nettle cordage then rob it hard. the heat generated by robbing will make the wax+resin mix soak in to cordage. This makes the cordage much stronger by adding great water repelling and wear resistance.

Then it is time to put all together.... but while I was at it, I wanted to add one more component. if this is meant to be used for sewing leather, it will need thread wax. so add more beeswax in to previous wax+resin mix, made home made thread wax.

Stuff this in to bottom button so when I need more wax on the thread, I just need to run the thread through the wax.

Now, every thing is done. I also engrave bit of decorative markings and my logo, colored it with the powder made from inner birch bark.

The traditional Finnish method and style contraction of a needle case but with Japanese taste?

Well... now I got this one, want to make awl matching to this kit, and Kuksa,,, and coffee pouch....

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