Friday, December 7, 2012

裏山ブッシュクラフト-#14スプーンナイフ (#14 Spoon knife)




The knife you will need when making kuksa, spoons and so on. It is also called bent knife, crook knife and so on, but to avoid mixing up with crooked knife of Canadian natives, I am calling it a "Spoon knife" here.

There are 2 different ways of putting bevel on this knife.
One is to make bevel inside of curved blade and other one is on out side. In my opinion, the biggest difference would be the cutting capability. bevel inside of curve makes much smoother cut than other. of cause some prefer the bevel to be out side so that would be yours to try out to see. however, ether case, chisel grind is common and recommended.

One thing you need to pay attention when making this knife is which side (left or right) to put bevel on. right handed or left handed will determine this difference and this knife is commonly used with pull cut. So keep that in mind.

OK, here is the video, and hope you like it!

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