Friday, December 21, 2012

裏山ブッシュクラフト - #15 ナイフ研ぎ (#15 Knife Sharpening)






In Japan, there is a tradition of doing serious cleaning around the house on the end of the year. This is meant to clean up all the "mess" of passing year and start the new year, clean and fresh.

this also applies to the tools you use, my/our case would be a knife. so, I will be showing how I harp my knife to restore its sharpness to proper condition.

I usually use pocket sharpener for quick sharpening. it is good and effective for restoring the needed sharpness. but this often causes dulling of bevel / edge geometry, which affects to performance of knife's cutting capability. Sharpening knife with sharpening stone, I think is the best way to fix this type of issue and should be done periodically.

the case this time is to restore scandi flat bevel. so before start the actual sharpening I need to flatten the bevel with coarse stone. then move on to middle coarse then to finishing.
I use diamond sharpening block for coarse and using #600 grid. it is coarse but still fine enough so no need to spend too much time on clearing the scratch marks it makes.

If you do not have a sharpening stone, you can make one with plywood, grass plate and sand paper. it is easy to make and effective as sharpening stone.

自作シャープニング・ブロック(砥石) / DIY sharpening block.


OK, hope you enjoy the video!

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