Thursday, January 3, 2013

DD tarp - Snow - End of 2012 - New Year's resolution

I usually do not bring this video series up on blog, but since that one was the last one of the series and was including the New Year's resolution, so I am making blog post about it as well.

The video was actually posted on my YouTube channel last year as "Exploring Forest - December - DD tarp set up and New Year's resolution " and was shot just in time before the weather turn warmer so still had really nice dry snow forest.

because of the hectic end of the year work load and hassle of Christmas + no enough sleeping taking care of babies, I was quite tensed/stressed. But as soon as I let the dogs out of the car and start walking in to the forest, all of that was blown away.

When I make the Videos for upload, I usually bring some topic(s) to talk about in the forest. one of it this time was Tarp From DD hammock.

I have got this 3 x 3 m DD tarp some time ago, but I just did not have had chance to even test pitch it. so this time I took it with me and tried out.

originally I was thinking of using this tarp for as roof for a hammock. but because of its size, I thought it might work as loue style set up as well. and as you can see. it sets up really nicely.

Conveniently, there was a dead standing tree which was bowed by snow and was still very stable. so I have utilized that to set up. clear out the snow a bit. tie the top corner loop and tap's center loop to the tree. then snow anchor the bottom two corners.

The picture may not show so, but once I get in under, it is covering me quite well from top and side. this 3x3m tarp gives lots of covered room. As I have settled myself in and started brewing coffee. it started to snow again. and it proved that the cover was more than enough to protect me from falling snow.
I lay down and just quietly watched the snow falling from the sky, through the trees and branches above me. I felt pure beauty of nature there at that moment.

After bit more of video shooting and sipping of coffee, even I was very much tempted on staying over night there, it was time to head back home. The sun was already behind the horizon and getting dark, so I packed every thing up and started to trace back my track.

here is the video showing show the tarp was set up, and also talking about my New Year's resolution.

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