Wednesday, January 16, 2013

二丁差しミニ - Mini Japanese mountain worker's blade


 Originally, I was planing to make single blade set of Japanese hunter's knife of mini size. But few mistakes happened on making process, decided to have fun trying something unusual.


The size including sheath is palm size. one blade is a knife but the second one is a saw. this type of combo is common among Japanese forest workers' Nata (large chopper) set.


 The knife is usual from old file. tapered full tang with oak scale and sheath. The saw is from broke Mora knife blade.

モラのロゴがまだのこってますねw - Logo of Mora is still on the blade.

 ノコギリは枝きり鋸の刃を真似てみました。銘は下手ですので解り難いですが、スタンプではなく.  タガネです。限られたスペースに銘切りタガネで切る練習をしてみました。

 The saw tooth are Japanese style, 3 faced edge pull saw. the dimension of the tooth are of pruning saw style. The maker's mark is chiseled... well it is just a try out and I need more practice.


 The Saw is surprisingly usable. still need better sharpening and bit of modifications on tooth, but cuts well. You can see it from the cutting test video that, it is not as fast as Fiskars saw, but  the cut face of wood is as smooth as of  Fiskars'. this means, I got the tooth edge geometry right! 

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