Monday, January 7, 2013

作業中の数本 - Few blades in progress

First, little bit of shout out.

Some time ago, I have posted the tagged 3 favorite items, then passed the tag on to Hiking in Finland. Now, he has posted his 3 favorite items on latest up date, so if you have not checked it yet, please take a look!


Actually the first one is completed. this one, a chisel for hollowing sheathe.

浸油前 - before oiling
It is a small one and has a bent neck. I was not planing on making it look nice, so just picked up a wood from fire wood pile. when I cut it open to make handle, it revealed it's beauty. Was a good curly birch...

軽くオイルを塗ってみた - wipe oil on it.

一晩オイル漬け後 - soaked in oil over night.

 Second and third ones are these.

 One only showing handle is the ken-nata style 3 finger, which I have been tweeting the progress since last year. The black one next to it is my first thin "blade". instead of stamp, I have chiseled the marking... well I tried... These 2 have had bit of production mistake, so will be for my own use.

 4th blade is this one, also 3 finger knife and designed for EDC or PSK.

 This was forged end of last year. Heat treated and sharpened, now only sheath needed.

 And the fifth one is the 3 finger puukko I have bee working on it for quite some time. it actually have not progressed much because I can not figure out how to set all the parts together without damaging the leather on sheath.

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