Friday, April 15, 2011

ナイフは完成!- The knife is completed.

Well, the sheath is not yet, but the knife is completed.

I have riveted the tang little different this time.Cut bit of notch then hummer it down, so it spreads better and easier.

From here, All I need to do is to whittle off the excess birch bark to bring the handle shape. Whittling the stack of birch bark is very strange feeling. It is like whittling cork and rubber at same time, yet easy to work with.
Sand it a bit then apply linseed oil. Before oiling it, I have wet it to see how damp it gets… well, it did not get damp at all.

And this is the end result. I am very pleased with what I got here. Also the birch bark + antler combination is matching well (I think…)

So that’s left is the sheath. I am thinking of making this as neck knife, so sheath need to be suited for that task. And Japanese deer antler is used on knife, so would like to put bit of Japanese to the sheath as well.



  1. A unique combination!

  2. That is a really very nice knife. I like the combination of antler and Birch bark. Also the two bits of antler you used near the blade, going in two directions. Very nicely done.

  3. Now THAT is a knife to be proud of. Congratulations on a job well done!

  4. Thanks for the comments!
    At firs I was not quite sure about this combination, but I figured that if I do not try, never would know… so gave a shot at.

    Putting two bits, I picked it up the method from saami knife. They often do this way with reindeer antler.
    I suppose could have made the top bit (the covering bit) thinner so the parting line is less visible, but that will be lesson for the next time I make this type of knife then.