Monday, April 11, 2011

ナイフビルド進んでます‐Little more of progress.

So, the cutting out of birch bark was done, so proceed to gluing...

I was underestimating the time needed to stack up all this washers. It took about 30min to stack up only half of all the washers. And the recommended work time of this glue is 10 to 15 min; I was really pushing the limit. So, I had to stop here and let it set once.
After over night, starting the last half of staking job. Seems I am getting hung of it, I managed to finish this part in 20 min.

Now, I can just relax and wait till the glue hardens. Then setting of the pommel tomorrow.

On the comment, I have mentioned the antler core is really large… well here is the picture of it. More than half is soft core (I can’t find the correct name of this in eng…)

For fun, I also made whistle. I am planning on using this as a dog whistle or dog caller, so try to set the pitch as high as I can. Will adjust the pitch sometime tomorrow with help of my dogs.


  1. I don't know if it would be called "marrow" in antler as it is in bone or not. It serves the same purpose, I suppose.

  2. Thanks Gorges,
    I think I have heard people using "marrow" for this. also looked up in dictionary, and it seems to serve describing what I want to say…