Monday, April 4, 2011

週末 – Weekend



It was a weekend, nothing was done. Yes, I have done the wastikivi follow up review shooting, but not the editing. Test chopping of new axe… well, it broke without warning... The grain was at all going through the helve… so I have started the making of new helve but, somehow my feeling was not in place. Tried to do something else but was not feel up to it ether…
When the mind is not set clearly, nothing will happen…


  1. I know what you mean, you just have to be in the mood for some things.

  2. Sometimes, it's best to have a day of doing nothing, and enjoy it for what it is, contemplation.. just enjoying being quiet, or a good book...a glass of wine! We all try to do too much, don't we.

  3. Some times, yes, we all need break from everything. And good to take that break intentionally, but this time, I got that break by getting sick… this is neither good nor fun.