Thursday, November 24, 2011

不調不調・・・Bad week...





I am kind of having bad week... my PC gave up and lost quite lots of video and image data...
also the the change i made on this blog was causing some issues here and there.

So, the DIY stove project is going slow. I only manage to make the door and chimney hole.

checking the can chimney fitting.

I really would likt to test fire this soon but...


  1. I hope you luck improves this coming week. Your stove is off to a great start!

  2. Sorry to hear you're having problems with things, but your stove is coming along nicely!

    How did/will you seal the places where to pieces of metal come together, or will that not be necessary? (I know you used rivets to connect the pieces of metal, but won't smoke escape?)


  3. Thanks for the comments. The PC is now back to working condition, but the data... I guess I need to find better way to store data safe for the future and take backup more often...

    About the sealing, I am guessing that is not needed. Air should naturally flow to the bigger opening, to chimney, so all small gaps on box side should only suck in the air. After the test, if the smoke leaks, then I will use stove silicone (heat resistance silicone) to seal all the gaps.