Friday, November 18, 2011

Late autumn mushroom – 晩秋の茸狩り

Last weekend I went for late autumn mushroom picking. This season there are not many mushrooms so, if you fined some it is relatively easier to ID with book.
Cantharellus cibarius
FIN: Keltavahvero
ENG: chanterelle
JPN: アンズ茸
This is very popular and desired mushroom in Finland.

Cantharellus tubaeformis
FIN: Suppilovahvero
ENG: winter mushroom
JPN: <和名無し>
Good mushroom. Good for drying and freezing to store.There are very close looking poisoness mushroom, which grows similar place as this one. The difference is that the center of the umbrella is Funneled. If it is not, then you are looking at the dengoruse one!

Hydnum repandum
FIN: Vaaleaorakas
ENG: Hedgehog mushroom
JPN: シロカノシタ(白鹿の舌)
Hedgehog mushroom... nicely named, don’t you think? Looks bit suspicious, but really a excellent edible mushroom. Also very easy to recognize.

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