Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY Wood stove for tent. テント用薪ストーブの自作

This is annoying start of winter. It has been freezing for few days and had little snow. But today +6 Celsius again.  I start to wonder, if this stove will have use this year if the weather keeps being like this…

However, the DIY stove project is progressing. Now I have got to the shape when I can do the “Smoke” testing. Everything except door locking and legs are made and temporally fitted. Not complete length, but minimum length of the chimney is also made. So I have fired it just to check the air flow.
The result was satisfactory.  There are no smoke leaking, except from the door. But the door has no lock yet so if I push against the stove to close it completely, then was fine.

So the test is passed, now I can start making the legs and othere parts.

Legs are fitted. It is foldable.

The chimney part, just cramped.  The “L” shaped bend was the most difficult construct but managed to make tight fit of 2 cans.


  1. Anonymous1/12/11 09:53

    Nice work! I'm already looking forward to the pictures of you using it this winter. :)


  2. Thanks, I finished all last night. So now I need to fire it for real to see if all works good and burn out the coating on the materials used. Then paint it to give final looks.
    Can’t wait to fit it in to my winter tent and try out. If all goes well, this is going to make a warm winter camp :)