Thursday, December 29, 2011

ハッカパーッレ!- Hakkaa päälle!

I got this on Christmas. I guess I was a good boy this year :)
ハッカペルのフカリ(Hukari)Hakkapeliitta’s Hukari

It is a Hakkapeliitta’s "Hukari"!
This knife traces its origins to Hakkapeliitta’s war knife, which, was made from broken swords and used as weapon and camp tool.

スペック> 刃渡り23 cm 厚さ5 mm 全長35 cm 重さ500g
Spec>•Weight 0.5 kg •Total length 35 cm •Blade length about 23 cm •Blade thickness 5 mm

I never have seen knife made in such a wild manner.  This is purely made to be used.
I have chopped seasoned oak and bamboo as a quick test, and this blade took no damage. I am looking forward to take this Hukari in to woods to try out.


  1. That "knife" certainly is a beast! I have used Finnman's hukari before, so I am familiar with it.

    You are right about it being a tool to be used. It sure won't win any beauty contests. ;)

    It should serve you well for many, many years.


  2. いいですね!!こういうシンプルなナイフが好きです!!www

    1. コメントありがとうございます。でかいだけのナイフですがとても使えるナイフです。シンプルなので値段も手ごろです。

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