Friday, January 27, 2012

スノーシュー手に入れた! - I have got a snowshoe!

I have made DIY snowshoe last year and have had lots of fun, but since it was quick made pvc snowshoe, it was not as good as it could have be. But this year, I have got this “real” snow shoe.




This is an army surplus snowshoe and is commissioned after WWII. Frame made of magnesium, webbed with steel wire. I have been hearing good thing about this snowshoe and I really like the shape of it. It has got very traditional shape which is very “Bushcraft” looking… well you need to ignore the fact that the materials used are metal…
When I was putting the bindings, I have realized that the instruction came with it are useless.
It is not clear and half of the instruction was missing from the package I received. So I looked up the missing page from inter net along with different pictures of same snowshoe to try to figure out. But…
This does not make any sense!!!
Well,, on the end, this video shows how I have done and I think it is correct….

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  1. Anonymous28/1/12 13:24

    I like these snowshoes, though sometimes I find them to be too long. I think I will cut off most of the "tail" on mine.

    Yes, the bindings are very confusing and tricky if you have never seen them before (terrible printed instructions), but once you figure out how they go, it's pretty simple.