Friday, January 20, 2012

SCHO-KA-KOLA spirit stove

For quite some time, I have been struggling with the suited spirit stove design for my cook kit. I have made several pop-can spirit stoves with different design and configuration, try to figure out the most suited in size, shape, and performance.
Basically, all Trangia type has failed by “throwing too much flame”. It works well, but for the size of pot I am using are too small for the flame and it consumes the fuel too fast. So, I went back to very basic spirit stove the “Spirit in the can” and “Spirit soaked in to glass wool” type.
The flame of these both types are just good size.  But still, the fast burning issue and trouble of getting the leftover fuel out issue left.
So I came up with this “SCHO-KA-KOLA spirit stove”. It is a combination of different types of spirit stove and is all-in-one package.

It is filled with glass wool then closed with the inner rid made from bottom of the tomato can. The inner rid has slits, which holds the wick in place and also act as fuel intake. So just drop the fuel on center of the stove, it will flow in itself.

Low pot stand made from wire hunger will support the pot directly on top. Also, it is very low, so will keep the flame small as possible.

I have filled this up and have managed to boil one litter of ice cold water in -10 degree air temperature condition.  After hard boil, it still had some burning time left.  


  1. Anonymous21/1/12 11:50

    I have made some alcohol stoves as well, and I can see that yours is a very clever design! Great job!


  2. Thank you! The best part of this stove is that no need for pre-heating it.
    Just right it and ready to boil!